MC und Andreas

20.00 – 20.30

Alegria Celebrativa Opening Ceremony MC and Andreas

With great pleasure, we present to you the program of the Alegría festival 2017, presented by Dipl.-Psych. MCArrieta, Andreas Kurzhals and supported with lots of love and hands-on work by the vivid network of facilitator from Net Dancers and friends.

Wake up people and dance! You do not have to follow certain steps: just take your shoes off and dance!

No Steps to learn, just be happy, be grateful, be inspired and celebrate.

20:30 – 22:30

Awakening Passion For Life

Opening Vivencia with MC und Andreas

Leidenschaft weist Dir den Weg:

HIER geht’s lang!!

Nichts kann mir den Weg versperren. Es ist egal, was die anderen sagen. Soo lebendig ist das Gefühl, dass ich es nicht umgehen kann.
Überwältigende Freude ruft – ich laufe los und handle!

MCA, Pioneer and creator of the Biodanza movement in Germany since 1984.